When you bought your car, it was the best thing on Earth. Whether it was new, used or a hand me down, you discovered the freedom your car provided. Its engine propelled you to new destinations and in less time – connecting you to all aspects of life that were important to you. You were liberated for the first time. You loved your car.

As time moved on, life got busier. Time became more precious – and the balance between work and life more challenging. Your car became a necessity to close the time gap. And because of that, you have more demands on your car – to be reliable and safe, to get you places efficiently and on-time. The time spent commuting becomes downtime, anxious time and in many cases – wasted time.

What if your car could do more – for you?

Introducing DriveSync® – the second engine for your car that is built for your commute – to make you smarter while keeping you safer during your commute. The DriveSync engine delivers to you a suite of intelligent connected car services that transform driving into a truly intelligent experience, making you more productive and saving you time and money, with safety remaining at the core – with new services introduced on a regular basis! Forget about smart cars – this is about a smarter you.

You loved your car. Now it’s time to LOVE YOUR DRIVE. With DriveSync.

DriveSync by IMS

IMS, the maker of DriveSync connected car services, is a leader in connected car technology that enables drivers to be safer, smarter and greener. Our unique approach of converging in-car infotainment, automotive telematics and wireless technology has resulted in an impressive range of solutions. From insurance and government, to fleets and everyday drivers, the company’s innovations are pioneering the connected car category and revolutionizing the way people travel.

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Pioneering the Connected Car

IMS is a proud recipient of some of the most notable awards and recognition in the industry for telematics and infotainment technologies.